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RtC Beer Vendor Booth

RTC Beer Vendor Booth.jpg
RTC Beer Vendor Booth.jpg

RtC Beer Vendor Booth

from 605.00

Previously known as “Party at the Port”   Memorial Weekend (May 26-28, 2017)

An all-inclusive community event providing music, food, beverage, fun & games for the entire community in cooperation with the City of Brookings & the Azalea Festival

Vendor Booth Rental Agreement / Application (for beer vendors only)

 Application (INCLUDING payment) must be received by Chetco Brewing Company no later than 5pm Friday May 5, 2017.  Chetco Brewing Company reserves the right to approve or deny any application.  Make checks / money orders payable to Chetco Brewing Company. Photos must be submitted electronically or with application sent via US mail.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Booth Fees (beer vendors):

  • $750 for 3 days per 10 x 10 space*
  • $600 for 2 days per 10 x 10 space* **

*All fees are non-refundable

** By choosing the 2 day option, you can choose the two days you are here but MUST set up and have your booth open by 10a.  Tear down cannot take place until after event hours on your 2nd day.

Beer vendors must send a valid OLCC permit and  must provide insurance information with application (no limits lower than $1,000,000)Vendors must provide insurance information with application (no limits lower than $1,000,000). Additional insureds required: Brookings Brewing Company dba Chetco Brewing Company & Port of Brookings Harbor   15340 Lower Harbor Road, #103 Brookings OR. Please be sure to include proper dates of the event. (We are expecting 950 people per day, we will use wristbands, and two food available will include bratwursts & pork stuffed baked potatoes.  The entire boardwalk will be designated the area where alcohol is permitted with “No alcohol beyond this point” at either end)

Register Online

*all vehicles must be out of event area at least ½ hour prior to event open  

 **no vehicles are allowed on the boardwalk at anytime**

Spaces are 10’ long and 10’ deep and will be positioned either on the decking of the boardwalk or on the asphalt.  You are responsible for providing your own tents, tables, furnishing, and tie downs.  Please keep in mind the beautiful coast weather and plan accordingly.  This is a rain or shine event.  The use of nails or screws on the boardwalk is not permitted and fees will be assessed if used, we recommend J Hooks for securing tent to boardwalk.

Electric spaces provide access to an electrical outlet only.  You must provide any and all extension cords and power strips that you may need.  Chetco Brewing Company and the Port of Brookings Harbor is not responsible for any damage due to electrical extension cords.  Please help maintain trash by policing your space.  Do not leave any items behind after the event.  You are responsible for leaving your space clean.  There will be trash cans located throughout the Boardwalk area for you and attendees.

All requests will be taken into account, but inclusion is not promised. Your booth location will be assigned and posted on the day of the event. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE DURING THE EVENT.  Please be advised that music is louder near the stage area. If you chose to be farther away from the music, please note on the application under SPECIAL REQUESTS.  Please note we may not be able to accommodate ALL requests and we appreciate your understanding.

Finding your space: Your space number and location will be posted the day of the event. The Vendor location will be posted near the stage.  Look for the Chetco Brewing Company flag.

Set-up: Scheduled for Friday May 26th from 10-4. No vehicles will be allowed in the festival area after 3:30pm, on Friday or after 9:30 Saturday and Sunday morning. All set-up thereafter will be by hand truck or wagon. All vendors must be in their space and fully set-up by 10:00am.

Please be courteous to fellow vendors by unloading/loading vehicles as quickly as possible to allow access for others.

Tear down: BEGINS at 6:00pm on Sunday May 28th.

Important: booths must remain intact until 6:00pm on Sunday

Pets: Well behaved leashed pets will be allowed.  Rock the Chetco Staff and Volunteers reserve the right to expel any owner and animal who is ill behaved- this includes jumping, lunging, barking, whining, and relieving oneself inappropriately.  You MUST pick up after your pet.  County fines will apply. 

Parking:   Please park your vehicle in designated parking areas away from the Boardwalk and event. The Port of Brookings Harbor does offer a designated area for your trailer located near the green building parking lot.