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Chetco Brewing Company

Small town brewing, world class beer

Craft beer from Brookings Oregon

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We are now open at 830 Railroad Street!

Chetco Brewing Company has moved! Just southwest of Fred Meyer and next to the new VA Clinic, the new space will not only bring the tap room and brewery to one location, it will also provide opportunities for more community activities. In anticipation of a busy summer, we have even doubled our tap room staff.

“We always dreamed of bringing the two together and being able to have a true gathering space for the community for all kinds of activities, and now it’s happening,” said co-owner Alex Carr-Frederick. She and her husband, Brewer Michael Frederick, started Chetco Brewing Company in August 2012, tapped their first keg of Willa Nelson IPA on April 19, 2013, and opened their first tap room in May 2015.

The new location at 830 Railroad Street in Brookings will be developed in phases. The first phase of moving the Tap Room is complete. The brewery comes next and the possibilities continue. “We’re going to have a deck with an ocean view, you’ll get to watch the brewing process, and we’ll have this great space for community fun,” said Carr-Frederick. Alex & Michael plan to expose their love for animals by growing their relationship with new neighbors, South Coast Humane Society. Additionally, as was the case in our previous tap room, well-behaved dogs are welcome at Chetco Brewing Company.

While no food will be served at this time, there will be food trucks rotating through to offer a variety of dining options, and you can still bring your own take out or have something tasty delivered.

Chetco Brewing Company, open 7 days a week, sponsors many events throughout the year in the Brookings community and is excited to offer a whole new craft beer experience on the southern Oregon coast. See pictures of the new location renovation below.. Chetco Brewing Company - Small Town Brewing, World Class Beer.

   Our new location at 830 Railroad in Brookings... just down the street from our current Tap Room

Our new location at 830 Railroad in Brookings... just down the street from our current Tap Room