"It takes a village folks, it takes a village.  We could not be making the fantastic handcrafted ales we do without the help of the many.  Here are just a few of the people and companies that do what they do so well, so that we can too!"

Our logo was designed by the fabulous artist, Spencer Reynolds.  Brilliant, intuitive, and multi-faceted guy. Take a look at his paintings -www.artandsurf.com

Justin Dickau of Fairweather Press is a silk screen artist extraordinaire. A wizard with color,  he fine tuned our logo via email and angst filled phone calls. Justin you Rock! Contact him if you need any silkscreening justin@fairweatherpress.com 

Good food.  Good beer.  Good people.

Keith is the epitome of the surfer dude, easy going calm and mellow.  But, call him in a panic? Man can he deliver fast! Click his link, dammit! He does our stickers and pub "art"- you know, like all the logo things you see hanging in bars...

Lemme tell you a story about a little Powerhouse named Cindy Shumaker- We met her first as an ad designer for our print advertising, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.  Buffalo Tracks is a tidy little business with a penchant for getting your message out- whatever way you need it said!  Websites, social media, not to mention her super fun print ideas- Buffalo Tracks has saved our hide time and time again!  We love you Cin!

We used to mill grain by hand.  No sh!t. Check out the photos on our "About" page,  Alex didn't come by those shoulders genetically.  Enter Jimboney's Malt Mills...we were a difficult client. Surprise!  We were small and exacting and demanding.  Jim and Shannon didn't care, they just wanted us HAPPY.  Even if it took two overnighters down here to achieve.  Which it did, and we are ecstatic!  Outstanding customer service, unparallelled problem solving.  Need a mill?  Buy it here!