Small town brewing, world class beer...

Hand Crafted beer with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. Chetco Brew is vegan. We do not use any additives, extracts, or artificial anything. When we do clarify our beer, we use Irish moss. We are not certified organic, but the fruits and herbs we use are grown on our property and have been raised with NO pesticides or herbicides nor anything else weird and science fictiony.

We believe in the idea of shared community, of giving back and giving when and what you can to those less fortunate. We will continue to support charities that are dear to our hearts and to support local entities that need it. A mix of community support, elbow grease and financial help can go a long way towards fixing many of life's issues. Together we all have the ability to learn from the past, attend to the present and foster a better tomorrow   

In honor of Oregon Craft Beer Month (July 2017), it's time to MEET THE BREWERS

Thanks to these wonderful people shared and embraced our vision! 

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Meet the people who help make Chetco Brewing Company happen!