Vendor Application

NO SUBLETTING of Booths allowed.  All vendors must be registered & insured. Scroll down for Printable versions of event applications.

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Business Name
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By selecting the following box, I understand there is a $5 fee included with each fee to cover online processing fees.
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By checking this box, I agree to provide insurance as follows: Vendors must provide insurance information with application (no limits lower than $1,000,000). Additional insureds required: Brookings Brewing Company dba Chetco Brewing Company 16883 Yellow Brick Rd & Port of Brookings Harbor 16340 Lower Harbor Rd Brookings OR. Please be sure to include proper dates of the events.
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By checking this box, I understand that set up and tear down times vary per event. I will be provided that information at the time my application is approved and I am provided a link for payment.
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Today's Date
By typing your name here, you agree the above information is accurate and that you will submit payment electronically (you will be sent a link upon approval) or in person or via snail mail within 30 days of receiving acceptance email.

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